The tradition of a great cooking

Our history began in the Thirties. Maybe only the oldest people remember Zi’ Filomena and her cozy inn.

Up there in the old town the inn used to accommodate guards, workers, woodcutters and passing travellers who interrupted their travelling in order to taste Zi’ Filomena’s specialities and feel at home in a warm and inviting environment.

Since 1956 Zia Grazia has been the hostess and, thanks to some loyal friends ( such as Commare Angelina, who always helps us) and other valued collaborators, she transformed that inn into a famous and appreciated restaurant.

Her art comes from her passion and love for every creation, the magical power to transform every simple dish into a great success!After many years of experience, our philosophy is still to make our customers feel comfortable, like at home, beside a crackling fireplace..

in a welcoming family atmosphere…

with the best products of this beautiful country of Southern Italy..

with good and simple flavours ..

that are passed down from generation to generation.

zi filomena